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myIDFi is a web-based tool for consumers to shop for live mortgage offers.

Shopping for a Mortgage

myIDFi makes the mortgage process easy. Create your preferred mortgage scenario on our mortgage calculator. Place your mortgage request on our anonymous open marketplace. No need to shop on multiple lender websites.

Live Offers

Our competing lenders provide live offers. These are ‘hard’ mortgage offers, not just quotes. Compare the mortgage rates and terms that best meet your needs. You share your data and documents with the winning lender.

Safe and Secure

Your personal information is safe and secure. Only the winning lender will have access to your personal information. No data sales to third parties. This avoids data hacks and annoying industry mass marketing.



myIDFi is a one-to-one mortgage lead generation machine.

myIDFi is a live open mortgage marketplace. Approved mortgage pros compete to win high intent, high conversion mortgage leads. Borrowers compare the costs of lender mortgage offers. Lenders find that using myIDFi lowers their costs to produce a mortgage. That allows lenders to offer a better deal to mortgage buyers.


Choose Your Best Mortgage

To get started, check out our mortgage calculator. Estimate your closing costs and benefits before you shop.

Welcome to myIDFi

myIDFi is a Blockchain-based open mortgage marketplace. It is used to introduce consumers to the lender of their choice. Consumers compare the costs of competitive live lender mortgage offers. Personal information is shared only with the winning lender. This avoids data hacks and annoying mortgage industry mass marketing.

My IDFi Uses Digital Identities

Fraud costs mortgage lenders one-third more today than in 2019. And who pays for it? The consumer. What if we can reduce fraud and save money? Would that not be a great idea? That is why myIDFi uses digital identities. This is one of the many ways we lower the costs of lending.

Blockchain and Utility NFTs

Personal information is secure with myIDFi. An anonymous minted NFT for each offer is recorded and verified. A consumer shares their data with whom they choose. No third-party data sales. No annoying spam phone, texts, or emails. Compare the offers. Know that you received multiple offers and chose the best one.

Do I Need to Know How to Use Blockchain?

That is the beauty of myIDFi. Don’t know what a digital wallet is or how to use one? Use our curated wallet for all your needs. That means it is seamless, easy and fast to find your best mortgage. And yes, you can use your wallet as well!

Sign up for free

You create an account with your basic personal information that is safe and secure.  This is the basis of your Digital Financial Identity.

Create your Personal Mortgage Scenario

Your personal mortgage scenario or request, is placed for bid on our open marketplace. It contains no personal information, just the key requirements for a lender to competitively bid for your transaction.

Receiving Bids

You will receive multiple bids that are easy to review and understand.  Have a question?  You can contact our staff for additional information.  We are here to help.

Accepting a Bid

When you are ready to proceed with your new mortgage request, simply review the bids you received and make a decision as to which bid best suits your needs.  The winning lender will receive all of your data and documents for your request and help you through the application and closing process.

Fast. Easy. Simple.

Click the button to get started.  Its Free!

Find the best rates, and achieve your dream home effortlessly. Take control of your financial future today.

Sign up now to experience the convenience and efficiency of myIDFi, your trusted source for mortgage solutions.


Close Your Clients Faster

myIDFi gives you as a realtor control of your transactions.  Choose and build a portfolio of lenders that best meet your expectations.  Introduce your home buyers to myIDFi and follow their search for the perfect mortgage.
Mortgage leads for all types of homes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the best interest rate on a new mortgage?
To find the best rates and terms for your new mortgage, it’s essential to shop multiple lenders. The simplest way to do this is by using online marketplaces like myIDFi. myIDFi connects you with multiple mortgage lenders. Compare interest rates, loan terms, and related fees. Review all your options to determine your best mortgage. Then choose the best match for your financial situation and long-term goals.
When should I start the approval process?
You should start the mortgage approval process as early as possible. Consider looking several months before you plan to buy a home. Beginning early allows you to be prepared. That way you will not be rushed when you find the perfect home. This will increase your chances of securing the best mortgage offers. Starting early ensures you make a well-informed decision when selecting a mortgage.
Do I need to be prequalified for a mortgage?
Getting prequalified for a mortgage is highly recommended. Buyers who are prequalified have a higher chance of having their offers accepted. Prequalification is a process where a lender assesses your financial situation. They will determine how much you may borrow and on what terms. A prequalification letter shows sellers that you are serious and financially prepared. This makes your offer more appealing and competitive. It’s a wise step to take before you start shopping for a home. It helps you understand your budget and streamlines the home-buying process.
What’s the difference between being preapproved and prequalified?
Mortgage prequalification and preapproval are distinct stages in the home buying process. Prequalification is a preliminary assessment of your creditworthiness. It’s a quick and basic review of your financial situation, based on your credit score and self-reported financial information. Prequalification gives you a rough estimate of the mortgage amount you might qualify for but doesn’t involve a thorough analysis of your income, assets, or financial documents.
Preapproval, on the other hand, is a more rigorous and in-depth evaluation. It involves a comprehensive review of your creditworthiness, income, assets, and financial documents, such as bank statements, tax returns, and employment verification. A pre-approval letter is a stronger commitment from a lender, indicating that you are conditionally approved for a specific loan amount. Preapproval provides a more accurate and reliable estimate of what you can afford and makes your offer on a home more appealing to sellers because it demonstrates your seriousness and financial readiness.How much home can I afford?
How much should I save for a down payment?
The amount you should save for a down payment on a new home typically varies but may start at around 5% of the home’s purchase price or more. However, the ideal down payment amount depends on factors like your financial situation, home price, and loan type. Saving a larger down payment, such as 20% or more, can help you secure better loan terms and avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI). Ultimately, it’s crucial to determine an amount you can afford comfortably while considering your long-term financial goals and the specific requirements of your home purchase.
How long does it take to get a mortgage?
The timeline to get a mortgage can vary, but the better prepared you are, the faster the process tends to be. On average, it can take anywhere from 15 to 45 days from application to closing. Choosing a lender with a good reputation is crucial, as it can affect the speed and ease of the process. Factors that impact the timeline include your financial readiness, the complexity of your financial situation, and the lender’s efficiency in processing your application. To expedite the process, have your financial documents ready, maintain a good credit score, and work with a reputable lender known for its efficient and transparent mortgage processes.
What should I do before applying for a mortgage?
Before applying for a mortgage, it’s essential to take a few key steps. First, review your credit report and work on improving your credit score if necessary.  This can impact the interest rates you qualify for. Next, use myIDFi to find the best mortgage rates and terms, to ensure you’re getting the most favorable deal. Additionally, gather all necessary financial documentation, such as tax returns, bank statements, and employment records, to streamline the application process. Lastly, choose a reputable and trustworthy lender known for their transparency and efficiency to make the mortgage application and approval process smoother and more reliable.

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myIDFi is a web-based tool for consumers to shop for live mortgage offers.

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